Burt helped me drop my body fat from 29% to 9.5% and weight from
224 to 172 in just eight months. I especially liked the fact that he sat
down with me to understand my goals on the very first day we met.
At 50 years old, I hike with the best of them in the mountain club,
thanks to Burt’s help and advice.
John B.

Burt gave me a cross training plan that significantly improved my
athletic performance and not only maintained but actually improved
my bone density. His background in health care combined with his
vast knowledge of human performance and his l
ove of sports makes
him an ideal personal trainer.
Avi R.

Burt Henry’s broad knowledge greatly aided me in getting my fitness
back on track. After several years of too much stress and too little
activity, I knew I needed to make changes for the sake of my family
and myself, but I did not know where to start. Burt’s coaching and
direction as a personal trainer and consultant has been invaluable in
starting and maintaining weight training routines, aerobic work‐outs,
dietary improvements, and stretching. Within a year of working with
Burt I have gone from a “couch potato” back to a competitive
athlete. Burt had helped me make the lifestyle changes I wanted for
my long‐term health.
Rich B.
 Performance Consulting