“I have worked with Burt Henry since 2000 and
recommend him as a coach with great enthusiasm
and confidence.  Burt is extremely knowledgeable
and with his help I have made gains in my riding
and racing each year I have worked with him.  My
annual training plans are created to reach my
goals for that year, but always with an eye to the
future. I have great trust in his judgment and
knowledge and know that under his watchful eye
and with his steady approach to coaching, I will
continue to progress as an athlete. I appreciate
Burt's passion for the sport of cycling, and his
passion to educate himself on the most up-to-date
information in the field of sports science.  Burt is
an integral part of my team as an athlete and I look
forward to many more years of working with him.”

Theresa R, Pro Mountain Biker

"Coach Burt has developed a program that works
within my schedule and
allows for flexibility.  Under his guidance, I have
become a much
stronger bike racer and achieved more of my
cycling goals."

Peter W, Cat 3 racer

"Subsequent to suffering a broken back when I
was struck by a car, Burt designed a personalized
training plan coordinated with my rehab that was
instrumental in regaining my fitness and which
allowed me to successfully and comfortably
complete Colorado's Triple Bypass ride the
following season".

Marc J. Sievers, DVM, 54