All training programs will be designed by me
personally, not by an intern or less experienced
coach. I do not give canned pre-written plans to

After I receive the initial payment and questionnaire
and we address any questions or concerns, I will
send out your initial training block and instructions.
The blocks are typically 4 weeks long.

Its important that you communicate with me during
these blocks. This can be done a variety of ways.
Most clients fill out an excel template training diary
which I provide, and send it to me weekly for review.
Some clients prefer to only send me a text e-mail or
report by phone.

I also have clients who use the
website. This website allows for uploads of power
and heart rate data if the client prefers to utilize this.
There is also a full training diary which allows me to
view your daily workouts and prescribe your training
sessions through the site (there is an additional fee
payable to trainingpeaks.com to utilize this website).

There is no set requirement from me as to the
method of reporting, nor is training with power a
requirement, however I encourage it. Monitoring and
reporting training shouldn’t be a burden; however
consistent feedback allows my service to be of more
value to you.

Sometimes the program requires a change in the
middle of a block due to travel, illness, etc. There is
no problem to do this. I may also change your plan
during a block based on your response to training. I
urge clients to convey any travel plans or anticipated
training interruptions so I can build this into the plan.

You may contact me as often as you like. The easiest
way to contact me is via e-mail and most messages
are returned within 24 hours. Phone calls are
accepted also.