I don't want to race but would like to improve my
fitness. Can you help me?

Sure! I have clients ranging from professional to
beginner. Some clients only want to complete a
century or be able to keep up with their friends
on the Saturday group ride and have no
aspirations to race.

Do you train athletes by measuring power?

Yes. I train athletes by monitoring power, and/or
heart rate, and/or perceived exertion as a
measuring tool. Whichever is used to measure
intensity is up to the client. You don’t need to
purchase additional equipment to become a
client unless you want to. For clients who wish to
train with power and upload the data, I use the
trainingpeaks.com website. I also have athletes
who don’t upload the data, but will add the data
on the excel template I provide. I encourage the
use of training with power, however this is not a
requirement for my clients.

How much time will I need to devote to training?

As part of my questionnaire you will be asked
how much time you have each day to train, as
well as what your short and long term goals are.
If these aren't congruent I can help guide you
toward goals which are achievable based on
your available training time, lifestyle, and